Grand Exchange

Trade peer-to-peer and explore upcoming collections on Ethereum's first social marketplace.

The Marketplace of the Metaverse

This is a place for traders, creators, and communities to congregate on the Ethereum network. The web renaissance has brought with it an emerging need for a community-owned open marketplace facilitating connection, creation and trade.


There's an NFT imprisoned in this block trying to get out. Let's stay connected so you'll know when I've set it free.

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What we have created...

At our core we are developers focussed on value creation in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Live Peer-to-Peer Trading

Request to trade with other players and perform a non-custodial trade in realtime trading any combination of NFTs and Tokens (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155).


Discover & Interact with Merchants

Explore new and upcoming NFT collections by interacting with our Merchants. They come from all around the metaverse selling their latest creations, spark a conversation and see what they have to offer.


Community Corners

Connect with NFT communities and DAOs directly and experience them first-hand. Attend community-hosted events such as live auctions and trading parties to connect with like-minded travelers.